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Trial and Transactional Law

Firm Overview

The Unger Law Group, P.L., specializes in both trial and transactional law. We provide quality representation to diverse clients throughout the State of Florida.

Our trial practice reflects the fact that today's society is more dependent upon the legal system for dispute resolution than ever before. Whether our client is an individual joined in litigation once in a lifetime or is an institution where litigation occurs in the ordinary course of business, navigating the complexities of the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. An adverse result can be financially catastrophic. Clients in litigation need advocates on their behalf who understand and empathize with their concerns and work both hard and smart in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Our firm responds to that need. We provide effective and ethical legal counsel to our clients in cases venued in state and federal courts throughout the State of Florida. We vigorously advocate on their behalf from the inception of every case, always keeping the particular client's economic interests in mind.

Our transactional practice reflects the reality that our clients have legal needs that go beyond litigation. Many of our corporate and institutional clients, for example, need expert legal guidance in their interactions with governmental agencies as they progress through the stages of complex real estate and land use transactions. Our individual professional clients may need assistance with estate planning and asset protection. In these and other areas, our attorneys are prepared to provide the skilled and experienced representation our clients demand and deserve.

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